Arvion Kylers & Max Konnor – JustForFans

Arvion Kylers & Max Konnor fuck bareback - JustForFans

Arvion Kylers, the baddest bitch hottest bottom in black gay porn gets together with Max Konnor (the most sought after top) for some hot raw fucking. Luckily for their fans, they didn’t have to wait to be cast together by a studio, there is JustForFans. The scene is now playing on both pages, so take your pick. If you are more into Arvion (and that ass), go with his page. If muscles, a big dick and raw power fucking are more your thing, Max Konnor’s page is lit. A greedy muthafucka? Go with both.

Arvion Kylers’ JustForFans | Max Konnor’s JustForFans

Arvion Kylers’ JustForFans | Max Konnor’s JustForFans

Max Konnor Fucks Arvion Kylers Raw – JustForFans

We love Max Konnor, but everyone at Black Gay Porn Blog is currently obsessed with Arvion Kyler. Lil man can take a dick! Even Max had to comment after their scene: “Arvion Kylers is the first sexy boy in a while that can take daddy’s dick with no complaints. #1 bottom #skills“. Let’s hope he doesn’t get overexposed too soon. I kinda like the pace at which he is going – a scene here and there with great tops. Black gay porn fans can be so judgmental, especially towards bottoms. And I want to enjoy watching him take dick for a while to come.

Arvion Kylers’ JustForFans | Max Konnor’s JustForFans

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