Noir Male – Trent King Fucks Jacen Zhu

Trent King fucks Jacen Zhu - Noir Male black gay porn

Noir Male returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with Trent King & Jacen Zhu in The House Call, the first black on black scene! Since the hyped launch, members have been voicing their dissatisfaction about the glaring lack of black on black action. How can you claim to “showcase black men as they deserve to be seen” and only pair them with white men? Are we only hot when we are with white men? Chi Chi La Rue & the owners have listened. First, we got Aaron Reese fucking Trent King in an interracial threesome. Now, we have the first black scene. Just two hot big dick black men fucking – Trent King & Jacen Zhu. The members are happy and some are saying this is the best scene to date.

Trent King & Jacen Zhu – Noir Male Goes Black!

Trent King is the doctor who has been sent to check on Jacen Zhu by his father (they have scene names, but we’ll just go with their regular names). Dr Trent gives Jacen a very thorough exam, exploring his anal canal with his gloved hand. Of course, all that probing and fingering soon leads to some mutual dick sucking. Trent sucks Jacen, Jacen deep-throats Trent huge uncut dick. As a sucker for some good ass eating, it was a joy watching Trent spend time munching and slurping away at that bootyhole. Nobody eats ass like a black man – black men really eat it like groceries. Now, let’s fuck! Actually, it was more like making love. This was a much hotter performance from Trent King (as a top), much better than his last. Who knew, all he needed was some hot black ass to bring that passion out again. To be fair, who wouldn’t fuck the shit out of Jacen Zhu? He makes my dick jump all over the place with his sexy-ass.  When it comes to the cumshot award, Trent takes this one, delivery a huge load. That ass must have been real good! Chi Chi, if you are reading this, we want more of this. Kudos for listening – not many directors do (especially when the site is still young and doing well). Go get more beautiful black men, interracial action and black gay sex at Noir Male.