Sir Pleasure – ThugBoy

Sir Pleasure - ThugBoy black gay porn

Cruising around ThugBoy¬†for throwbacks, we came across this piece of sexiness called Sir Pleasure. So, here you go, some eye candy for you – one of their better solos from last year. Can you guys settle this debate – does he have another porn name or he just looks like someone else? Either way, he has that je ne sais quoi. Handsome, nice body, decent dick and an ass that looks like it’s begging to be fucked. Why does he look do damn familiar? Shit is bugging me.

Sexy Ass Sir Pleasure – ThugBoy

If you have any info on Sir Pleasure, please leave a comment or send a DM on Twitter. Has he done any recent work on any other sites? Does he have a Twitter account? ThugBoy is mainly recycling updates these days, but you can check it out. Once upon a time, it was jumping, so the archives are pretty decent. They focus mainly on the other sites these days. They should really offer membership to ThugBoy as a bonus or something, now that the whole thug thing is finally over.