DeAngelo Jackson & Lucas Scudellari – RawRods

DeAngelo Jackson & Lucas Scudellari fuck bareback - RawRods black gay porn

DeAngelo Jackson and Lucas Scudellari bring RawRods back to Black Gay Porn Blog. A few scenes with sexy ass DeAngelo have been released or recycled recently from the Raw in Rio (2017) DVD which was shot in Brazil.  Not sure if they were made available on the site previously, but they are there now. This one is our favorite of the three shot in Brazil. We are trying to get better previews for this site, like we used to. Unfortunately, we don’t have the same relationship as we did when Phil was still running Flava Works. This is one of the better previews, some of them don’t do the scenes justice, so bear that in mind.

 RawRods – DeAngelo Jackson Fucks Lucas Scudellari

Anyway, back to the scene. Lucas Scudellari is a good match for DeAngelo. They both have great bodies, the fucking is on point and he can take some dick. Not to mention the fact that we love our Brazilian brothers. Never get tired of watching DeAngelo’s ass (literally) while he is fucking. If you are a DeAngelo fan or you get off on Brazilians, now would be a good time to get your black bareback fix at RawRods.