Pheonix Fellington – Noir Male’s Man Of The Year

Pheonix Fellington - big dick black gay porn star - Noir Male's man of the year

Noir Male┬áhas named Pheonix Fellington as Man Of The Year 2018. The votes are in and the sexy, big dick, black gay porn star, Pheonix Fellington was declared the winner. It is interesting that both Man Of The Year and Man Of The Month only had a couple of scenes at the time of voting. It just goes to show, it’s all about quality (and maybe the number of loyal followers you have. Here are the two scenes featuring Pheonix Fellington, Jett Rink and Wesley Woods.

Noir Male – Man Of The Year – Pheonix Fellington

What do you guys think? Does Pheonix Fellington do it for you? Were his performances worthy of Man Of The Year or do you think it is all about loyal followers? Whatever you think, expect to see more of him on the blog. Go get more sexy black men and interracial gay porn at Noir Male.