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Max Konnor fucks Skyy Knox - Noir Male interracial gay porn

Max Konnor and Skyy Knox hit Black Gay Porn Blog in The Hitchhiker, courtesy of Noir Male. Say what you want about this site, but they are certainly turning out quality scenes back to back.  Apparently, Max and Skyy had been dying to work together, so the chemistry id off the charts. On to the storyline, for those of you who care. Max Konnor storms out of the house after drama with his boyfriend, feels bad, calls to make up, then bumps into Skyy. You know where this is going. Sky is hitchhiking and could use some rest. Next thing, they are at the house swapping spit.

Noir Male – Max Konnor Fucks Skyy Knox

Max Konnor’s big dick forgets he has a man and is soon down Skyy’s throat. There is some really hot dick sucking and mutual ass eating. It is nice to see Max Konnor with his muscle ass spread and Skyy’s face buried between those cheeks. Some of you have been asking for his ass – hope this satisfies, for now. The fucking is hot a mixture of piston fucking and slower, deep, passionate strokes. Both studs get their nut at the end and a good time was had by all. Go get more sexy black men and interracial gay porn at Noir Male.