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Noir Male big dick threesome - Fame, Pheonix Fellington & Trent King

Noir Male returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with a hot, big dick, threesome featuring Fame, Pheonix Fellington and Trent King. Care about the storyline? Here it is – all three dudes are staying in some hotel notorious for downlow hookups. Trent needs some man sex to take his mind off his wife, blah, blah, blah. Next thing you know, Fame and Trent are playing tonsil hockey and it’s on from there. Pheonix quickly assumes the role of resident cocksucker and starts servicing both men. Soon it is one big dick sucking, ass eating, extravaganza!

Noir Male – Fame, Pheonix & Trent

Fame is undoubtedly the star top in this video. He fucks Pheonix first. Don’t you just love watching Pheonix get his ass stretched? That ass was made for fucking. Then Trent takes a turn at the Fellington bussy. Okay, this is where I was like oh oh. Trent is hot, but, these days, I LOVE watching him bottom more than top. So, I got my nut when Fame got a piece of Trent’s ass. Fame busts a creamy nut and the two other man whores slurp it up. Lots of great fucking from Fame in this video. Thumbs up! For more hot black guys, big dicks and interracial gay porn, head on over to¬†Noir Male.

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