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Mack Daddy fucks Jym Jones - DawgPoundUSA black gay porn

DawgPoundUSA is back on Black Gay Porn Blog with Mack Daddy and newbie, Jym Jones.  Mack Daddy aka King Mack is one of the most sought after tops. We know that. Mack is popular. That stroke game is appreciated by many.  He can get real acrobatic with his fucking. You have probably bust a nut or two to his scenes. You love his big, juicy dick with a slight curve. We do too. Now, can we talk about this pretty muthafucka Jym Jones?

Mack Daddy Fucks Sexy Ass Jym Jones- A DawgPoundUSA Video

We love a sexy ass bottom and Jym Jones is sexy. Something about the way he looks at you when he is slurping on dick. His ass is what boss man over here calls portable. His face when his asshole is getting stretched by Mack’s big dick. All of it had my dick jumping for joy. Speaking of slurping, if you like spit, there’s enough of it here for you. Mack Daddy is one of those quiet tops. I appreciate some verbal and Jym Jones gives us just enough to keep me going. That’s one thing I wish there was more of in this scene – verbal! Talk some shit, muthafucka. That quiet shit is for 2am when we are both too high on loud. All in all, a sexy scene. Look out for more of Jym Jones.  Get more big black dicks, fat asses, hot dick sucking and ass fucking at DawgPoundUSA.