Max Konnor & Pheonix Fellington – Noir Male

Max Konnor fucks Pheonix Fellington - Noir Male black gay porn

Noir Male returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with Max Konnor and Pheonix Fellington in Work Well Done. Yes, it’s black on black time. Put two black gay porn favorites together and you are going to have a popular scene. Do they deliver, that’s the big question? We love both these guys on the blog, so we might be a tad biased. But, yes, they do! There is chemistry between them. This means more passionate and less mechanical fucking. There’s nothing like good pairing. Do you care about the story line?

Noir Male – Max Konnor Fucks Pheonix Fellington

Okay, Pheonix plays the pool boy and he wants his check from boss, Max Konnor. Max’s husband is out of town. When the cat’s away, the freaks will play. Some passionate kissing leads to dick sucking and ass eating. Well, you know what comes next. Power stroking from Max and Pheonix taking it like the pro he is. Gotta tell ya, I’m really feeling Pheonix Fellington at the moment. That arch in his back drives me insane. primes and ready for dick. Max fucks a huge load out of Pheonix and then coats him with his own spunk. A hot scene! For more hot black guys, big dicks and interracial gay porn, head on over to Noir Male.