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Noir Male returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with DeAngelo Jackson and Bar Addison in Sexy Neighbor. It’s interracial gay porn time, people. Okay, here’s the story line. The guys are neighbors, they both work from home. The wives are away and the horndogs will play. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good story line, but it has to be somewhat believable. This one was not. Luckily, that’s only for the first few minutes of the video, then they start kissing. If you like kissing and ass eating, you’ll love this one.

Noir Male – DeAngelo Jackson Fucks Bar Addison

DeAngelo Jackson is a good-looking black man, who works hard on his body. His ass is probably his most popular asset. Luckily, it is quite prominent in this video. Bar Addison spends a good amount of time feasting on it. Giving that ass all the attention it deserves. Then, DeAngelo fucks him on the kitchen counter. He fucks the cum out of Bar, gets his own nut and it’s a wrap. What do you think of this scene? Drop a comment if you care to, we wanna know. For more hot black guys, big dicks and interracial gay porn, head on over to Noir Male.