RawCityTwinks – Max Konnor & Tigger Redd

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RawCityTwinks¬†Bootcamp returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with Max Konnor & Tigger Redd in Freaks In Training Pt3. Been meaning to post this, but better late than never. Tigger Redd has cramps and Captain Konnor has to stretch him out.¬† You already know where this is going. His asshole is about to get stretched raw by Max Konnor’s big dick. First, you gotta eat that hole out real good. Make that shit quiver and beg to be fucked. Max gets his face between those cakes and feasts on that bootyhole. Now it’s time for some serious throat fucking!

RawCityTwinks – Freaks In Training Pt3

Before we get into the fucking, can we just talk about Tigger Redd. I love this lil dude and his freaky ass. I can watch him get fucked all fucking day. Max Konnor does all kinds of stunts in that ass, getting all acrobatic. Tigger’s boy pussy sucks up that big raw dick and Max plows that hole and nuts all over it. Push that shit back in daddy. He does and Tigger delivers an award winning cumshot. So much fucking nut. The star of the scene!¬† Go get more big dick, black gay freaks fucking bareback at RawCityTwinks.