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PapiCock¬†returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with Chris Raider fucking Yuri Oberon bareback. It’s a big dick raw extravanganza! No frills, no story, just straight up freaking. Both guys are quite popular, so this is a good pairing for the site. Chris is known for slanging that big dick. Yuri Oberon is another sexy, big dick, freaky, versatile muthafucka. He brings that Brazilian heat to all his scenes and the fans just love him.

Big Dick Chris Raider Fucks Yuri Oberon

Okay, on to the scene. It starts off with Yuri sucking Chris’¬† long heavy dick. Are you a dick sucking fan? Well, if you are, you are in luck. There’s enough dick sucking to keep you happy and Yuri shows us his head game. Chris Raider puts in some some serious work, he pipes Yuri Oberon the fuck down. Some great fucking in this video. All in all, a hot scene but we could have dine with some ass eating. Eat it before you stick it, Chris! Two incredible cumshots end this hot encounter. For more hot latin and black men fucking raw, head on over to PapiCock.

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