RawStrokes – Devin Trez & Travis White

Devin Trez fucks Travis White bareback - RawStrokes black gay porn

RawStrokes is back on Black Gay Porn Blog with Devin Trez fucking Travis White bareback. We promised you more Devin, you got it. There is something about this dude. Unless these studios fuck up and sleep on him, he is the next big thing in gay porn. Some guys just ooze sex from every pore – Devin is one of them. Don’t know much about Travis. His Twitter is private and we can’t find much on him. Is he black, latin, asian? All we know is that he is where many of you would like to be. On the receiving end of Devin’s big raw dick.

 Devin Trez Fucks Travis White Raw

Devin Trez is naturally dominant without it seeming put on. A very freaky dominant dude without hang ups. After choking and throat fucking Travis, he owns that man cunt. Stroke game, energy, chemistry, everything on point. the spitting might not be for you, but a lot of freaks like that these days. Devin fucks the cum out of Travis, cums on his hole and pushes that nut back in. The dicks are big, the fucking is bareback, go check out RawStrokes.