Noir Male – Aaron Reese & Dillon Diaz

Aaron Reese fucks Dillon Diaz - Noir Male black gay porn

Noir Male is back on Black Gay Porn Blog with Aaron Reese & Dillon Diaz in My Personal Chef. Yes, someone is about to get fucked by the chef. That someone would be Dillon. His regular chef is off for a week and Aaron is standing in. “Is there anything else I can do for you? Anything?” You get the drill. The next thing you know, it’s tonsil hockey time. Kissing leads to mutual dick sucking and ass eating, which, of course, leads to some hot fucking.

Aaron Reese Gets Deep Inside Dillon Diaz

Dillon Diaz is about to get fucked by big dick Aaron Reese. Before we go there, can we talk about the ass eating? Mutual ass eating is a big yes! That’s one thing we like about Noir Male. The ass eating & dick sucking have nothing to do with who is on top. It’s two men, there are two dicks and two assholes. Suck a muthafuckin dick, it’s 2019. As far as the fucking goes, Aaron pulled out some stunts in this one. Deep, slow rhythmic strokes and stuff. Some good fucking and two good nuts. For more hot black guys, big dicks and interracial gay porn, head on over to Noir Male.