Raging Stallion – Jason Vario & Dante Colle

Jason Vario fucks Dante Colle bareback - Raging Stallion interracial gay porn

Raging Stallion¬†returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with big dick Jason Vario fucking Dante Colle bareback in Bareback Crashpad. Jason is working out & Dante is pretending to be on his laptop, but he is actually checking him out & jacking off. Yup, you know exactly where this is going. Jason offers to help him out with a mouthful of dick and it’s on. Dante is in interracial heaven as he sucks and slurps on that big fat uncut black dick.

Jason Vario Fucks Dante Colle Bareback

Jason Vario fucks Dante Colle bareback

Jason Vario fucks Dante Colle bareback

This is actually the first time Jason Vario has appeared on the blog. He was quite popular on our original blog and apparently you guys have been searching for him. So, here you go. Feast on Jason like he feasted on Dante Colle’s asshole. There is definitely enough dick sucking and ass eating in this video to keep all the oral freaks happy. Jason can fuck and this is a good pairing. Dante often gets cast as a top, but I like to see him bottoming. From the looks of it, he totally enjoyed being a raw bottom slut for Jason’s big juicy¬† dick. After all that hot bareback fucking, the cum flies all over the damn place. Head on over to Raging Stallion for more sexy men and interracial gay porn.