Khi Lavene Fucks The Cash Twins – JustForFans

Khi Lavene fucks the Cash twins bareback - JustForFans

Khi Lavene is heating up his JustForFans with some twin action – the Cash twins that is. Okay, if you are on Twitter, you’ve definitely seen these two by now. They have been doing the rounds, getting fucked by some of the most popular dicks in black gay porn. Initially, many complained that they were boring and I have to agree. However, they are now more animated than before and don’t just lie there like pretty dolls. So, if you are into the whole twin thing and you like fem bottoms, this one’s for you. Give them a chance, they are listening and learning. Khi Lavene needs no introduction to most on this blog. He brings it, he is sexy as fuck, his stroke game is on point and his JustForFans is on fire.