– Tom Of Finland: Service Station

Tom Of Finland: Service Station - DeAngelo Jackson, River Wilson, Ricky Roman & Matthew Camp - interracial gay porn

Black Gay Porn Blog heads back to for some hot interracial action, featuring DeAngelo Jackson, River Wilson, Ricky Roman & Matthew Camp in Tom Of Finland: Service Station.  If you know your gay erotica history, you know legendary illustrator Tom Of Finland. His comics brought joy and hard-ons to a multitude of gay men. have teamed up with him to bring some of them to life. Directed by Bruce LaBruce, Service Station is the 2nd installment of the series. It was released a few days ago and we’ve been meaning to review it, but it’s such a crazy, busy month. Hey, better late than never.

DeAngelo Jackson, River Wilson, Ricky Roman & Matthew Camp

This is beautifully shot. The cinematography is great. The location and wardrobe are wonderfully retro and authentic. All in all a high quality production. Now, let’s get down to the action. DeAngelo Jackson arrives at the station and Matthew Camp brings a new meaning to full service. Mutual dick sucking ensues and then they are joined by River Wilson. Okay, time to take things indoors for some real fun. All the while, the music is playing. I usually hate music in porn, but it goes with the whole retro theme. They get indoors, where River Wilson is already busy with Ricky and I’m thinking, this is going to get really hot. Sadly, this is where 3 out of 4 of us got disappointed. The dick sucking went on for WAY too long. If you are going to suck dick for so long, it has to be exciting. Put your neck into it and make the person you are sucking moan and groan. There was hardly a murmur. Sorry, we like our verbal in professional porn. You don’t have to say fuck yeah every minute like a Sean Cody scene, but give me some life. Especially when there is music playing. Even the ass eating was blah. Luckily, DeAngelo and the others seem to come to life during the fucking and revive what would otherwise have been a beautifully shot mediocre scene. River (who was probably the most consistently exciting in the scene) and Roman flip-flop. DeAngelo gets fucked by Matthew. Here are the highlights: Deangelo getting fucked, sucking dick and getting his dick sucked all at the same time. The circle jerk at the end. DeAngelo’s cumshot and DeAngelo taking Matthew’s cum in the mouth. Not a bad scene, but it could have been great. Fortunately, a lot of people on the site don’t agree with us and have given it a huge thumbs up. What do you guys think?  Head on over to – the most updated gay porn site.