Noir Male – Aaron Reese, Mr Cali & Armond Rizzo

Aaron Reese & Mr Cali DP Armond Rizzo bareback - NoirMale interracial gay porn

Noir Male returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with some more interracial bareback action, featuring legendary bottom,  Armond Rizzo taking on Aaron Reese & Mr Cali in When The Wife’s Away. Mr Cali & Aaron are messing around when Cali’s brother-in-law (yeah, we know he was just the nephew) Armond surprises them. They think it’s the wife – oh shit, hide, blah blah blah. Next thing you know, Armond is sucking on Cali’s big dick. He has been thinking about it all day. Nothing better than your sister’s husband’s big juicy man meat. Aaron sees what’s going on, gets jealous for a second, then his hormones take over. It’s time for a big ole threesome!

Aaron Reese & Mr Cali DP Armond Rizzo

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Armond Rizzo gets his ass stretched to the limit by both dicks. Yes, Mr Cali & Aaron Reese dp Armond. As usual, Armond brings his a-game and makes the scene come alive.  Aaron & Cali serve up the pipe. Always nice seeing Aaron, he should do a  lot more work. Now that the site is bareback, looks like we’ll be seeing more of Mr Cali and his monster dick. We like Armond even more now after the whole tops vs bottoms controversy on Twitter. I’ve always felt that bottoms were unfairly treated in this industry. They do a lot of work! We may even have been guilty of giving the tops too much kudos a lot of the time. Even though we have always appreciated bottoms and the work that is involved in making a hot scene.  Moving forward, we will be celebrating bottoms a whole lot more. For more hot guys, big dicks, interracial & black gay porn, head on over to Noir Male – now bareback!