Max Konnor’s Super Bowl Fuck Party – JustForFans

Max Konnor's Bareback Super Bowl Fuck Party - interracial gay porn

Max Konnor returns to Black Gay Porn Blog  with a bunch of his friends for a Super Bowl Fuck Party, courtesy of his JustForFans.  This three part interracial bareback orgy features Saint Lucifer, Derek Cline, Avatar Akyia, Blazin Benny Boy & Joseph Ox. It’s non-stop raw fucking, dick sucking and ass eating. Max & his bestie, Avatar Akyia are the tops in the scene, Joseph Ox & Blazin Benny Boy are versatile, while Derek Cline & Saint Lucifer are the power bottoms. If you love orgies, this one’s for you and we got more coming your way this weekend.

Max Konnor’s Interracial Bareback Orgy

Okay, I’m not a huge orgy fan, but you guys love them and we get the appeal. Beyond 4 people, I get confused. They are a pain in the ass to review. So, I’m not even going to try. Just watch, unzip, stroke, and do what you do. Max Konnor did a great job putting it together and it has the right energy and mix. As far as orgies go, this is a good one. You need some vers dudes in an orgy to keep it interesting. Blazin Benny Boy got our attention and we’ll be checking out his page. Joseph Ox is a sexy white dude (so you know which one he is) with a certain je ne sais quoi. We expect to see him in rotation. Want more nasty bareback fucking? Go check out Max Konnor’s JustForFans.