Krave Melanin & SexualRiderJay: No Limits – JustForFans

Krave Melanin & SexualRiderJay raw flip-flop - JustForFans black gay porn

Krave Melanin returns to the blog with SexualRiderJay in No Limits, courtesy of his JustForFans. It’s a hot, passionate, raw flip-flop fuck session with some rooftop action. Two lovers doing what comes naturally. Krave is one of our fave black gay porn stars and Jay brings out his inner freak and submissive side. No complaints here. We love  steamy, versatile action with black men who are genuinely into each other. You can feel the chemistry between these two.

Krave Melanin & SexualRiderJay

The action kicks off on the rooftop with Krave Melanin getting some head from SexualRiderJay. You can tell it’ good. Then, Krave’s  face kicks it for a while between Jay’s cakes. Take note people, this is some fine ass eating. Had my dick jumping all over the place. Don’t know why, Krave’s videos always have that effect on me. Anyway, back to the scene. When that bootyhole is nice, wet and begging to be fucked, Krave slides that dark chocolate stick all the way in. He pipes that ass down for a while, then they take it indoors. Now, that melanin booty is in the air and it’s SexualRiderJay’s turn to feast. And then fuck! Hot raw fucking, hair pulling, ass slapping, booty so good you made me nut kinda fucking. Krave delivers an award-worthy nut at the end too. We love these two.  For more hot raw fucking, go check out Krave Melanin’s JustForFans.