Noir Male – Titus McMasters & Jigz Castelo

Titus McMasters & Jigz Castelo  flip-flop bareback - NoirMale black gay porn

Noir Male returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with some scorching black on black action featuring Titus McMasters & Jigz Castelo in Client Privilege. This update is from last week, been meaning to post it. Two newbies don’t often bring the heat like these two. It usually takes a veteran to break a newcomer in. Not Titus or Jigz. This shit is fire! Jigz is the client, who is completing his divorce and has the hots for his divorce lawyer, Titus. You already know where this is going. He signs the papers and is ready to play! The foreplay alone will make your dick jump. These two have great chemistry.

Titus McMasters & Jigz Castelo Bareback

There is some good dick sucking on this scene. Both guys can swallow some meat, but Jigz Castelo takes this one. He really put in some work. Titus McMasters was made for the camera. He has that it factor and gives us some good ass eating, stroke game and dick taking. Both guys take dick pretty well, but neither looks like they would rather just bottom and are being forced to fuck. Both seem to really enjoy giving and taking dick. Maybe they are just into each other, but this is a great versatile scene. Even more impressive for newbies. We are going to give it to Titus for the stroke game – he had more positions to play with. Two hot porn-worthy loads end the scene. We’ll be looking out for these two. For more hot guys, big dicks, interracial & black gay porn, head on over to Noir Male – now bareback!