Noir Male – DeAngelo Jackson & Dillon Diaz

DeAngelo Jackson fucks Dillon Diaz bareback - NoirMale black gay porn

We stay with Noir Male for the latest bareback update, featuring DeAngelo Jackson & Dillon Diaz in Doctor Dick. Horny doc, DeAngelo has to show Dr Dillon the ropes, but he just can’t focus. Dillon handsome face and inviting ass are driving the more experienced doctor insane. He’s trying to be professional but can’t stop thinking about eating that ass and sucking that dick. Dr DeAngelo shoots his shot, drops to his knees and gets to slurping on Dillon’s meat.

DeAngelo Jackson Fucks Dillon Diaz Bareback

Gotta say, Dillon Diaz looks very hot in his scrubs. Makes me wanna go fuck a doc. Okay, back to the scene. DeAngelo Jackson is a hot motherfucker, but not normally one of my go-tos for dick sucking. Here, he actually does a pretty decent job slobbing on that knob. Even his ass eating seems more animated. Is it chemistry or is he loosening up with age? Whatever it is, we ain’t complaining. Dillon is a pro and always brings it, whether he is fucking or getting fucked. These two look great together. Two hot dudes with great bodies and a doctor fantasy fuck. What more do you want? I would have loved a flip-flop, but DeAngelo fucks the cum out of Dillon and then shoots his own load. Another hot scene from the new and improved Noir Male – now bareback!