Rhyheim Shabazz, Jay Alexander & Sean Zevran – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz fucks Sean Zevran & Jay Alexander bareback - JustForFans black gay porn

Are you ready for 50+ minutes of Rhyheim Shabazz, Jay Alexander & Sean Zevran? The big dick, black gay porn fave returns  in this hot  bareback scene from his  JustForFans.  Rhyheim & Jay already have undeniable chemistry (remember their Euro trip?). Then, you throw Sean and his fat ass into the mix and it’s fireworks. Not hot enough for you? Okay, how about some uber long socks and white leather thingy? Yes, there’s a little bit of dress up added in for good measure. I’m not a fan of those leather thingys, but who cares? When the action is hot, no one gives a damn what you are wearing.

Rhyheim Shabazz Fucks Sean Zevran & Jay Alexander

This is Rhyheim Shabazz being Rhyheim. Smoking, kissing, making love, hot fucking, getting his dick sucked. Oh and one for me. Lots of ass eating for those of us who love a good rimjob. No holes left behind. All assholes get munched one. This is my kind of threesome. We don’t have to talk about the fucking. By now, everyone knows about his stroke game. I would have preferred Sean’s fat ass creampied and the scene could have used some direction. It was a bit all over the place, at times. But, hey it’s amateur porn. Don’t let the high quality fool you. Sometimes, we forget that this is amateur porn. The bar has been elevated. We liked this one. For more hot raw fucking, check out Rhyheim’s JustForFans.