Noir Male – Andre Donovan & Adrian Hart

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Andre Donovan fucks Adrian Hart in Banging The Bully from Noir Male. Big dick meet fat ass. What happens when you meet the asshole who made your life hell in high school? You get naked, get rid of all that tension and let him ram his big raw dick in your ass. Of course, you do. This is black gay porn. Adrian has put on some muscle in all the right places and Andre likes what he sees. The two start kissing like they are possessed and you know all is about to be forgiven.

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Andre Donovan Fucks Adrian Hart Bareback

After all that passionate kissing, the dicks are hard. It’s time for some mutual dick sucking and ass eating. Andre Donovan is a pro and eats the fuck outta Adrian’s ass. I have to admit, there’s something about Adrian Hart. That fat ass does something to me. So damn fuckable! A booty made to be ravaged, gaped and left oozing nut. Speaking of ravaged, Andre lays some pipe and fucks that big muscle ass until the cum flies. Money shot award? It goes to Andre who delivers an extremely impressive cumshot. Go get more hot raw fucking on the new and improved Noir Male – now bareback!