Noir Male – Andre Donovan & Tyson Rush

Andre Donovan fucks Tyson Rush - NoirMale black gay porn

Andre Donovan fucks Tyson Rush bareback in Driving Me Crazy from Noir Male. We lost a couple of posts during the server move, so reposting this. Andre is not having a good day and driving instructor, Tyson is not making it any better. He is being an asshole, probably because his is twitching for some big raw dick. You know how these storylines go, next thing you know, Andre is whipping his dick out. Suck, suck, gobble, gobble, choke, choke. It’s time for black gay porn newbie, Tyson Rush, to feast on Andre’s dick.

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Andre Donovan Fucks Tyson Rush Bareback

The dick sucking, throat fucking and mutual ass eating are pretty intense. These two definitely have genuine chemistry and Andre Donovan can’t wait to plunge his big dick deep in that plump booty. Tyson’s hole opens up nicely to receive a porn worthy raw fuck. He rides that dick like a pro, take sit from behind, on his back, every which way. I think we have the makings of another power bottom. Both guys deliver great cumshots and taste the other’s load. We enjoyed this one. Go get more hot black gay porn stars and newbies fucking bareback¬† at Noir Male.