Noir Male – Dillon Diaz & Floyd Johnson

Floyd Johnson fucks Dillon Diaz bareback - NoirMale black gay porn

Floyd Johnson fucks Dillon Diaz bareback in My Sister’s Boyfriend from Noir Male. Dillon’s girlfriend is always working and she leaves him in the capable hands of her brother. Turns out her brother (newbie Floyd) has a thing for his sister’s men. He turns on the charm and before you know it, the two are making out. There is undeniable chemistry between these two and Dillon is soon gobbling on Floyd’s dick. I love watching Dillon suck dick. He goes for it and can deep-throat the fuck out of some good dick.  Floyd’s big dick is rock hard and ready to fuck.

Floyd Johnson Fucks Dillon Diaz Bareback

You guys know we appreciate good ass eating on this blog. There is certainly enough in this scene, before and after the fucking. No assholes or dicks left behind when it comes to rimming and sucking. Dillon Diaz gets that beautiful muscle ass fucked raw by the sexy, thick newbie. Floyd does a good job laying the pipe. My only complaint is that the fucking seemed to end prematurely. I needed at least 5 more minutes of Flo pounding that ass. Not sure what happened, but we hope to see more of Floyd Johnson. Go get more hot black gay porn stars and newbies fucking bareback  at Noir Male.