Noir Male – DeAngelo Jackson & Derek Cline

DeAngelo Jackson fucks Derek Cline bareback - NoirMale black gay porn

DeAngelo Jackson fucks Derek Cline bareback in Vegas Baby from Noir Male. The two lovers are in Vegas on a romantic getaway. Derek senses DeAngelo isn’t as thrilled as is he is. Turns out he is just worried he won’t be able to keep up with dick-loving Derek. If you know anything about Derek Cline, he loves some dick and takes it like a pro. Anyway, back to the scene, after a lot of making out, they take  things indoors into the hotel room. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Wait, it doesn’t. In this case, in ends up on Black Gay Porn Blog.

DeAngelo Jackson Fucks Derek Cline Bareback

There is a whole lot of kissing and ass eating in this video. And I mean a lot. I’m a big ass eating fiend, but after a while, I was like okay can we get to the fucking. That being said, it’s always a pleasure seeing DeAngelo’s beautiful ass. Even if he isn’t getting fucked. Speaking of asses, Derek Cline has a nice round, portable rump too. DeAngelo Jackson does a good job fucking that booty and Derek is a good scene partner for him. You need someone a bit more animated and Derek delivers. All in all, not a bad scene with two beautiful cumshots at the end. Go get more hot black gay porn stars and newbies fucking bareback  at Noir Male.