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Rhyheim Shabazz & Andy Rodrigues - JustForFans black gay porn

Rhyheim Shabazz and Andy Rodrigues return to to Black Gay Porn Blog, courtesy of his  JustForFans.  Size queens, big dick lovers, Rhyheim fans, Andy worshipers – if you love big dick, this one’s for you. We put together two hot solos from Rhyheim’s fan page for your stroking pleasure. Andy Rodrigues is one of Rhyheim’s most popular guests and you guys have been searching for him on the blog. So, why the fuck not. Relax, grab the lube, unzip and get up close and personal with these two big dick muthafuckas.

Big Dick Stroke Off:

Rhyheim Shabazz & Andy Rodrigues

Rhyheim Shabazz has been doing the responsible thing and laying low during this lockdown. You guys have been asking for more, so we’ll be delving into the archives and bringing stuff that’s not yet on the blog. In case you are wondering, Rhyheim was watching his scene with Sean Zevran (we’ll throw that on here too),  For some more big dicks and hot raw fucking, check out Rhyheim’s JustForFans.

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  1. Chris
    May 11, 2020

    It’s a shame that Andy has not really been used enough on Rhyheim’s videos so far, and that neither of them show any versatility on camera , which makes their performances both predictable and monotonous. I mean, I will pay to see one of them fucking someone once, but aien’t gonna pay for the same act again and again. But maybe we see more creativity in the future.

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