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Mr Bolden fucks Xaddy Corvinus raw - JustForFans black gay porn

Xaddy Corvinus & Mr Bolden, two black gay porn faves, get together for some hot raw fucking, courtesy of Xaddy Corvinus’ JustForFans.  As usual, it’s no frills and a whole lotta freaking. Big dick meet fat ass. Xaddy has been serving up those cakes recently and is ready to take on Mr Bolden’s mammoth meat. I’m guessing he smoked a ton of weed to ease entry lol. He looks high as fuck. Can’t say I blame him. That’s a pretty big dick to take on.

Mr Bolden Fucks Xaddy Corvinus Raw

Xaddy Corvinus does a great job taking the dick and it’s always a pleasure watching that fat ass get smashed. About midway through the fucking Mr Bolden picks up the pace and really starts wrecking that hole. Kudos to Xaddy for not running from the dick. After all that fucking, his hole is left dripping with Mr Bolden’s seed. He has been rolling out some hot updates recently, go check out Xaddy Corvinus’ JustForFans.

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