Noir Male – Dillon Diaz & Johnny Hill

Dillon Diaz & Johnny Hill bareback flip-flop - NoirMale interracial gay porn

Dillon Diaz & Johnny Hill flip-flop bareback in Old Friends from Noir Male. It’s  interracial gay porn time for those who are down with the swirl.  The two old friends reconnect after a few years and things appear to have changed. Dillon always wanted to lick Johnny’s balls (his words not mine), but his buddy was always talking about his girlfriend. Turns out she’s out of the picture and Johnny is ready to eat Dillon up. The feeling is mutual and some passionate kissing ensues. Oh, it’s on, now!

Dillon Diaz & Johnny Hill Raw Flip-Flop

This one has it all, mutual dick sucking, deep-throat action,  ass eating and flip-flop raw fucking. No holes left behind. Dillon Diaz and Johnny Hill work well together. This is not their first time fucking and there’s some real chemistry there. Johhny did more fucking than Dillon in this scene. However, Dillon fucks a hot load out of Johnny before spewing his own spunk. Go get more hot black gay porn stars and interracial bareback action  at Noir Male.

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  1. Bobby
    June 30, 2020

    I really want to get fucked raw,hard by some big black dicks

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