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Nigerian gay porn - Blacky Shaun creeping in Lagos

Blacky Shaun brings Nigerian gay porn to the blog. You can’t talk about amateur Nigerian gay porn without mentioning Blacky Shaun.  He was the first to take social media by storm with hot amateur videos of his steamy raw encounters in Lagos.  If you are a regular on black gay Twitter, you’ve probably seen them. The hot fucking, which he became known for is still there, but the quality has improved and he is ready to take it to the next level. Welcome Blacky on board with this scene we have christened Creeping In Lagos, courtesy of his JustForFans. He talks to his boyfriend on the phone while getting his dick sucked and then fucks the dick sucker stupid.

Nigerian gay porn - Blacky Shaun - Naija Massage

Amateur Nigerian Gay Porn – Blacky Shaun

Blacky Shaun has a host of willing bottoms waiting to be pounded Naija (get used to the lingo, it means Nigerian here but can also mean Nigeria) style.  The masks are not just for covid-19. Nigeria has become increasingly homophobic with the rise of Christian evangelism, Islamic fanaticism and the passing of  the controversial Same Sex Marriage Prohibition act in 2014. It doesn’t just ban gay marriage, it makes being gay an offense, which could get you locked up for up to 14 yrs. So, in their own quiet way, Blacky Shaun and those he has inspired are leaders, protesting against the system. And saying a big fuck you (our interpretation, not theirs)! It might not seem like much to you, as you watch this from New York or Atlanta, but it is huge. We will be supporting him and bringing you a whole lot more Naija boys fucking up a storm.  For more hot raw fucking and amateur Nigerian gay porn, go check out Blacky Shaun’s JustForFans.