Noir Male – DeAngelo Jackson & Skyy Knox

DeAngelo Jackson fucks Skyy Knox bareback - NoirMale interracial gay porn

DeAngelo Jackson & Skyy Knox bring some hot interracial bareback action to the blog in I’m A Lucky Guy from Noir Male. Quick story line – they are lovers and both lucky to have each other. Skyy wants to try something different. Pretend they just met and fuck like two big ole freaks. Okay, glad that’s out of the way, because I really want to give an honest review of this scene. DeAngelo is one of the most popular black gay porn stars (not to be confused with adult entertainers/performers or fan page content creators) out there. Being a gay porn star doesn’t always mean you are the best performer or give your best. It means, you have that certain je ne sais quoi and are commercially viable. DeAngelo is a beautiful black man. Gorgeous! Great body, great ass (oh that booty) and obviously popular with directors. Easy to work with. His scenes sell. Get the picture? Now, stay with me – read on below.

DeAngelo Jackson & Skyy Knox Are On Fire

With his great looks and marketability, DeAngelo Jackson has been able to get away with okay performances. Not bad, but not great. Sometimes, even sleepy performances. Yes, there have been some exciting scenes here and there (Dillon & Liam come to mind), but too many were just okay. He got a little comfortable or maybe it was bad casting choices. It hasn’t hurt his career, though. The studios love him, he has tons of fans and he stays booked. Kinda like the teacher’s pet. We have followed him since the beginning at Flavaworks and know that he has it in him to deliver. And to deliver more often. This is the performance we have been waiting for! Okay, maybe not quite, because I wanna see that beautiful ass ravaged, but that’s another show. Not sure if it was the director (Chi Chi) or he had been waiting to fuck Skyy Knox for years, but this is a porn star worthy performance. The chemistry is on point. He doesn’t look bored. The sex is on fire. He is animated and even verbal. Whatever it is, we like THIS DeAngelo. Obviously, Skyy has a lot to do with it as well, because he did the damn thing. Did you see how he feasted on that ass? Sorry for going on, but we have been waiting for this for A WHILE.  Well done DeAngelo and keep it up!!! Kudos to Skyy Knox – great dick sucking, ass eating and riding. Chi Chi, make them deliver. This is what we want from professional porn. Hot fucking! With so many performers bringing it on their fan pages, we need fire from the studios.  Go get more hot black gay porn stars and interracial bareback action  at Noir Male.