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Rhyheim Shabazz is a big dick black gay top and TimTales exclusive. He is known for his huge dick and incredible stroke game. Black, white and latin bottoms all wait in line to be fucked and gaped by this sexy power top. Fairly new to the gay porn scene, Mr Shabazz has already established himself as a true gay porn star. With a loyal following on Twitter and Instagram, Rhyheim Shabazz shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Like all savvy dudes in the adult industry, he also produces his own content on his fan page. Scroll down to view all videos.

Rhyheim Shabazz black gay porn star

Rhyheim Shabazz, Fame, Krave Melanin, Leon Reddz, Trap & Adrian Hart - black gay bareback gangbang orgy

Whether on TimTales or his JustForFans page, Rhyheim always delivers! A special blend of hole wrecker, stellar stroke game and irresistible charm put him in a class of his own. It’s no wonder bottoms across the globe can’t wait to work with him. Something tells us Rhyheim Shabazz will be here for quite a while.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Leon Reddz – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to the blog with Leon Reddz in I Love You Big Bro, a scorcher from of his JustForFans. Yes people, this is black gay porn done right! This has to be my favorite scene from Rhyheim in a while – that has everything I need. These two have genuine history, chemistry and love. And it shows. They spend a lot of time together and know exactly what turns the other on. I have always thought that Leon looks at Rhyheim with so much love in his eyes and there’s an extra tenderness when Rhyheim looks at him. No toxic masculinity here, just two hot black men exploring and enjoying each other’s bodies. Whether it is big bro love, I want your babies love or both, it works! That’s why we christened this scene I Love You Big Bro. Fire, fire, fire!

Rhyheim Shabazz, Fame, Leon Reddz & Gabriel Martin – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog in a hot DP scene with Fame, Leon Reddz & Gabriel Martin, courtesy of his JustForFans. Yes, Gabriel is back and this time, Rhyheim has Fame & Leon on deck to wreck that twink hole. He may be young, but he is certainly man enough to take on 3 big hefty dicks. Good to see Fame and Leon back on the blog. The scene kicks off with Rhyheim absent as Gabriel feats of Fame’s dick and Leon gives that latin ass some attention.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Gabriel Martin – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog in a hot scene with Gabriel Martin ft Monsternova, courtesy of his JustForFans. If you get off on a dick hungry twink worshiping big dicks, this one’s for you. There’s is also a faceless dick cameo by someone we have come to know as BiTopStud. Most of the fucking in the hour plus scene is Rhyheim stretching that latin hole. There’s also a good amount of dick sucking, ass eating and a little bit of the faceless dick fucking Gabriel towards the end of the scene.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Jacen Zhu – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz brings Jacen Zhu back to the blog for some hot, raw, love making, courtesy of his JustForFans. Put two black gay porn faves together and you get us very excited. When the two in question are Rhyheim and Jacen, my dick starts to dance. This is Rhyheim’s first major update since the pandemic. Jacen and his partner (that’s him in the background in the first half the scene) paid Mr Shabazz a visit in LA. Naturally, someone had to get his guts rearranged, but oh so passionately and tenderly.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Andy Rodrigues – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz and Andy Rodrigues return to to Black Gay Porn Blog, courtesy of his JustForFans. Size queens, big dick lovers, Rhyheim fans, Andy worshipers – if you love big dick, this one’s for you. We put together two hot solos from Rhyheim’s fan page for your stroking pleasure. Any Rodrigues is one of Rhyheim’s most popular guests and you guys have been searching for him on the blog. So, why the fuck not. Relax, grab the lube, unzip and get up close and personal with these two big dick muthafuckas.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Dante Lauro – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz brings Dante Lauro (and some really hot bareback fucking) to Black Gay Porn Blog, courtesy of his JustForFans. Yes, it’s black on latin time, as Rhyheim takes his big dick to Mexico for some raw bootyhole destruction. Dante is a sexy little dude with a great body and an insatiable asshole. He certainly knows how to take some dick and is a great match for Rhyheim. I always say Rhyheim needs an animated power bottom to bring out the best in him. Someone who can milk that fuck pole with his ass and give just enough verbal. Meet Dante Lauro.

Rhyheim Shabazz, Jay Alexander & Sean Zevran – JustForFans

Are you ready for 50+ minutes of Rhyheim Shabazz, Jay Alexander & Sean Zevran? The big dick, black gay porn fave returns in this hot bareback scene from his JustForFans. Rhyheim & Jay already have undeniable chemistry (remember their Euro trip?). Then, you throw Sean and his fat ass into the mix and it’s fireworks. Not hot enough for you? Okay, how about some uber long socks and white leather thingy? Yes, there’s a little bit of dress up added in for good measure. I’m not a fan of those leather thingys, but who cares? When the action is hot, no one gives a damn what you are wearing.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Boomer Banks – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to the blog in a hot scene with Boomer Banks, courtesy of his JustForFans. Boomer can’t wait for the big dick black gay porn star to rearrange his bootyhole. In true Shabazz style, this is a nice mix of raw passion, love making and deep hole stretching. There’s kissing, dick sucking, ass eating – you know, all the normal stuff. But the star of the show is definitely the main course. The fucking.

Rhyheim Shabazz – Brazilian Orgy One – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with a scorching Brazilian bareback orgy from his JustForFans. He is back from Rio de Janeiro and all the nasty, filthy action is available for your stroking pleasure. Orgy One features Andy Rodrigues, Italo Andrade, Caio Rodrigues, Ruslan Angelo and some other sexy ass buddies. Okay, I’ve never been a huge fan of orgies, but I gotta say, they did the damn thing! Big dicks, fat ass, great bodies, hot fucking, cum eating, snowball action AND drumroll…. Rhyheim gets fucked on camera. Yes, he bottoms for Andy Rodrigues and his huge ass dick.

Rhyheim Shabazz Creampies Michael Boston – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with Michael Boston for some more interracial bareback action from his JustForFans. If you like seeing Rhyheim in love (and baby) making mode, this one’s for you. After sharing a shower and some kisses, they head to the bed. Let the games begin! Mr Shabazz take his time on that asshole and feasts. He must have been hungry. There’s definitely more rimming than dick sucking in this video. You know we love ass eating on this blog, so no complaints here. Especially when it’s done right. Michael is in pure heaven and can’t wait for that big black dick to slide all up in his hungry raw hole

Rhyheim Shabazz & Skyy Knox – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with Skyy Knox for a super scorching bareback update from his JustForFans. It just gets better and better. This is one of Rhyheim’s best interracial scenes on his fan page. If you are not familiar with Skyy Knox and his fat muscle butt, get acquainted. He also comes with some excellent deep-throating skills, taking Rhyheim’s big dick balls deep. Numerous times. Take note people, this is how you swallow some dick. Don’t be scared. Take it all the way down your throat, while your hungry asshole twitches for that raw dick.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Travis White – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with newbie Travis White aka YoTravesty for another hot bareback update from his JustForFans. Travis can’t believe how big Rhyheim’s dick is up close. You can feel his apprehension as he strokes it and sucks it. Wondering how that big ole thang is gonna fit in his asshole. Rhyheim does his best to reassure him. Or as he said – “I’m not gonna kill you”. Well, he might not kill him, but he is about to get the Shabazz treatment. All holes will be well and truly fucked.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Trap – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with a hot JustForFans throwback with Trap (UnderstandTrap). We were looking back at some of his scenes and decided to feature this one. He has put out so much content in just one year. This scene is pure fire and passion. From start to finish. It kicks off with some very passionate kissing and you know it’s going to be a good one. You can tell these two were dying to fuck. The dick sucking and ass eating are on point. You don’t need me to tell you that the fucking was stellar.

Rhyheim Shabazz JustForFans – Ruslan’s Gangbang Part 1

Rhyheim Shabazz and his JustForFans are on fire! The black gay porn star returns with Krave Melanin & friends in Ruslan Angelo’s Gangbang. This is part one of a two part series and you will spot some familiar faces, including Leon Reddz, Zario Travezz, SexualRiderJay & Jay (Nitenday8). To be honest, this is more of a threesome until the end of part one, when the other join in and start tagging Ruslan’s hungry hole. Actually, it’s more of a love fest between Rhyheim & Krave. These two can’t keep their hands, mouths, tongues and dicks off each other. Get a room, already. Oh wait, you did. And you brought in a thirsty white boy to use as a receptacle and some of your homies to watch.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Xavier Zane – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz is back – on Black Gay Porn Blog & on Twitter! Regular updates on his JustForFans are back and here is a hot bareback scene with Xavier Zane aka Chris from SeanCody. Now, this is what I’m talking about. When I said step your dick sucking game up (about the last scene), I had no clue Xavier was about to come through and show them how it’s done. He came ready, willing and able – with a hungry throat and insatiable asshole. If you are going to suck a dick on camera, suck it up! Xavier takes it balls deep all the way down his throat. That’s right muthafucka, suck that dick up until you hiccup.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Sir Jet – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz is back on Black Gay Porn Blog with gender fluid, muscle bottom, Sir Jet, courtesy of his JustForFans. Yes, it’s time for some more interracial bareback fucking. You guys have been missing Rhyheim during his Twitter absence. So we thought we would bring you some more of 2019’s most popular top. Jet, who we just became familiar with, is decked out in pink socks and then stockings and heels. Ready to take that big black raw dick. He saunters over to Rhyheim, his dick and his blunt and we know we are in for another scorching scene. Or are we?

Rhyheim Shabazz, Brock Banks & Kuper – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with Brock Banks & Kuper in another scorching bareback threesome from for his JustForFans. In typical Rhyheim fashion, there’s a lot of passion. Kissing, mutual dick sucking and ass eating will get you all horned up before the fucking begins. Brock & Rhyheim both fuck Kuper raw, but this is definitely Rhyheim’s show. Kuper’s asshole gets stretched every which way with some pretty impressive positions. Rhyheim fucks the cum out of Kuper before shooting a big load of his own. Want more sizzling bareback fucking? Check out Rhyheim’s JustForFans.

Rhyheim Shabazz, Andy Rodrigues & Max Booty – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with Andy Rodrigues & Max BootyXXX. Rhyheim just got back from Brazil, where he filmed all kinds of hot content for his JustForFans. You can’t go to Rio and not seek out fellow big dick freak, Andy Rodrigues. You guys know him, you’ve seen his videos all over the place. They both run a train on Max Booty, who is in big dick heaven. First Rhyheim opens him up, then Andy gets a turn, back to Rhyheim. You get the picture. After all that hot raw sex, there’s only one thing left to do. Cum all over the freshly fucked Max. Look out for more videos from his Brazilian adventures. Want more filthy bareback fucking? Check out Rhyheim’s JustForFans.

Rhyheim Shabazz, Leon Reddz & RJ Dumont – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with Leon Reddz & RJ Dumont for yet another sizzling raw session from his JustForFans. He is one busy man. Doesn’t that dick need a rest? Not that we are complaining. The holes are lined up and he might as well stretch them. Leon & RJ are on hand to service that big dick and eat each other’s asses. Rhyheim rims and fucks them both. Both guys do a great job taking that dick. Mr Shabazz is as passionate as ever. How the fuck does he make each dude he fucks feel so special? You can see it in their eyes. A gift. Leon Reddz has one of the best fuck faces in gay porn. We all agreed that Leon taking Rhyheim’s dick was probably the best moment of this 50+ minute video. Followed very closely by the hot cum facial at the end. RJ Dumont is now on our radar, look out for him. Now, that’s a pro dick sucker and skilled bottom. Want more hot bareback fucking? Check out Rhyheim’s JustForFans.

Rhyheim Shabazz & Ace Quinn – JustForFans

Rhyheim Shabazz returns to Black Gay Porn Blog with Ace Quinn for some more hot bareback fucking from his JustForFans. It’s passionate, it’s acrobatic, it’s intense. What more do you want? Rhyheim stretches Ace’s hole every which way. You can almost feel the fucking. The stroke game is definitely on point and Ace is in man sex heaven. Music is a bit distracting at the beginning, but he turns it down later on. We wanna hear the sex noises! After a whole lot of raw piston fucking, Rhyheim fucks the cum outta Ace & then breeds that hole. This scene is 50+ minutes of kissing, dick sucking, ass eating & raw freaking. Want more? Check out Rhyheim’s JustForFans.